The Best Funny Black Jokes

Black Pick-Up Line

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Man: Is your dad black?
Girl: No. Why do you ask?
Man: Because you’ve stolen my heart.


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Did you hear about that new black body builder from Austria who’s going to be a movie star?
His name is Arnold Schwarzenigger.

White People

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Q. How many white people does it take to screw in a light-bulb?
A. None, they get blacks to do it for them.


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Q. How many police men does it take to push a black guy down the stairs?
A. None, he fell by himself.

Black Tree

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Q. How do you get a black man out of a tree?
A. Untie the rope and slowly lower him down making sure not to damage any of his tree surgeon tools.


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Q. What do you call the phobia of black people?
A. Common sense