The Best Funny Gay Jokes

Two Men

in General Jokes
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Just seen two men walking together wearing matching clothes. I asked them if they were gay and they arrested me.


in Dirty Jokes
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Just Googled “Gary Oldman” and some pretty disturbing images came up…
Then I realised I’d left the “R” out.

Long Fingernails

in Dirty Jokes
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What do you call a lesbian with long finger nails?

Lesbian Cucumber Farmers

in Dirty Jokes
+58 -38

Q. What do you call a group of lesbian cucumber farmers?
A. Squatters

Love Scotland

in Dirty Jokes, Racist Jokes
+133 -124

Q. Why do gay people love Scotland?
A. Because the men wear skirts and the country’s full of tight arses.

Lesbian dino

in Animal Jokes
+29 -30

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? a lickalotapus