Best Funny Disabled Jokes

Features a collection of disabled jokes that tries to bring a bit of light hardheartedness to many physical problems we all eventually go through such as being sick or being in a wheelchair.


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We gave our granddad the nickname ‘Spiderman’,

He hasn’t got any super powers, he just finds it difficult to get out of the bath.


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All my of my 15 psychiatrists say that I have an addictive persolality.

Happy Valentines Day

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Just because I’m dyslexic doesn’t mean I don’t layve you.

Funny Doctor

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“You have diabetes,“ the doctor said sweetly.


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A scientific survey has recently found that 6/7 dwarfs aren’t happy.

Sensible Eating

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Just started the new sensible eating diet. I’ve now stopped eating my meals using a soap-dish and a pair of scissors.