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in Racist Jokes
+22 -94

Q: How do you know if a black girl is pregnant?

A: When she pulls the tampon out the cotton is picked

Sun Tan

in Racist Jokes
+62 -134

How do black people get a sun tan? On their backs with palms and feet up.


in Political Jokes, Religious Jokes
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A Muslim walks into a bar.

Lots of people get killed.

Wouldn’t Mind

in Pick Up Lines
+19 -91

Wow you’re so good looking I wouldn’t mind if you gave me Aids.


in Dirty Jokes, Racist Jokes
+72 -145

African:         8======D

European:     8===D

Chinese:        8D

Newborn Baby

in General Jokes
+13 -88

I recent scientific study has found that a newborn baby can hear and see everything around it for about 10 seconds after being decapitated.