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saggy boobs

in Dirty Jokes
+14 -9

Q. What did one saggy boob say to the other?
A. We better get some support, or people are gonna think were nuts.

Video Chat

in Dirty Jokes
+13 -10

Just had a video chat with an attractive women who said she’ll do anything I want for only $100.  She agreed to come to my house tomorrow. Fingers crossed she does a good job repairing my garden fence.


in Dirty Jokes
+2 -2

Sex is like math. You add a bed subtract the clothes divide the legs and pray there is no multpilcation.


in Political Jokes
+17 -17

How are we supposed to social distance in a restaurant?
Is the waitress supposed to Frisbee the plates to the customers?


in Racist Jokes
+14 -14

Someone called me racist the other day. I can’t be racist, my wife has a black eye.

Boarded Up

in Political Jokes
+2 -4

Cant believe how many boarded up windows my local town center has nowadays. Windows cleaners have started replacing their sponges with sanders.