Best Short Jokes This Month

Collection of the best funny short jokes from this month sorted by user rating.

Top Tip

in Surreal Jokes
+5 -1

If you see a toilet in your dreams never use it.


in Dirty Jokes
+3 -0

Think I might have something wrong with one of my testicles, one of them seems smaller than the other two.

Valentines Baby Sitter

in Dirty Jokes
+4 -2

Just hired a baby sitter for Valentines Day for only $10 per hour. I don’t have any children but they’re a lot cheaper than escorts.

CoronaVirus Joke

in Political Jokes
+1 -0

I heard a really great Coronavirus joke the other day but I don’t want to spread it.


in Animal Jokes
+2 -1

What do you call a donkey with 3 legs?


Clumsy Chinese

in Racist Jokes
+1 -1

What do you call a clumsy Chinese man?

Bang Ding Ao