Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes some hilarious Coronavirus jokes.


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Got tasered picking up my friend from the airport today. Apparently security don’t like it when you shout ‘hi-Jack’.

E. T.

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What’s the difference between a refugee and E.T?

E.T. learnt English and wanted to go home!

Police Academy

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Feeling excited today. Just graduated from the police academy and also read in my horoscope that I’m gonna be meeting a tall dark stranger. Looking forward to trying out my new taser.

If Woman

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If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Instead, there would just a bunch of angry countries not talking to each other.

Obama Shooting

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It’s a real shame that Barrack Obama recently had to give a speech stood behind bullet proof glass. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he’s gonna shoot anybody.