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Fun Fact

in Dirty Jokes
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Did you know there are twice as many testicles in the world as penises?

Science Discovery

in Political Jokes
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Scientists have just discovered a double cure for Covid19 and global warming… It’s called suicide. Ropes will now be posted to every household for usage within the next 10 days.

Calendar Fact

in General Jokes
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CALENDAR FACT: All the seasons are named after coils of metal.

Except Winter and Summer.

And Autumn.

Evil Plan

in General Jokes
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Until recently I used to think all my work colleagues were hatching some sort of evil plan against me but then I discovered they’re actually using alcohol hand gel.

Covid Mask

in Political Jokes
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Decided to wear a Covid mask for protection but now I have to go to hospital with 3rd degree burns on my legs. Turns out you have to take the mask off if you drink coffee.

Off Switch

in Relationship Jokes
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I found the off-switch on women. It’s in the back of their heads.

You have to use a bat to activate it.