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Colour Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+9 -64

What’s your favourite colour? [Colour], Wow me too. Looks like we are soulmates, we should get married.

New Puppy

in Animal Jokes
+31 -86

Just got back home from holiday and my new puppy has caused a lot of problems. It shat everywhere, ripped all the furniture and then starved to death.

Wake-Up Call

in General Jokes
+10 -65

Got a wake-up call today from the hotel receptionist where I was staying. She told me to stop wasting my life and follow my dreams before it’s too late.


in Dirty Jokes, Relationship Jokes
+41 -96

My daughters just got to the age where she’s starting to ask awkward questions about sex.
Then other day she asked “Is that the best you can do?”


in Dirty Jokes
+12 -68

I still remember the old days when I used to load my computer with a floppy. That all changed after internet p*rn was invented.


in Racist Jokes
+23 -79

The following conversation took place between a husband and wife in Dublin.

Paddy: Hi, darling, hope you had a nice day at work, I’ve finished nailing all your sex toys to the wall.
Paddy’s Wife: You f*cking useless twat I said I wanted a dado rail!