The Best Funny Irish Jokes

Gay Irish

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Q. What do you call two gay Irish men?

A. Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick.

Irish Ringtone

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Two Irish men talking in a bar, Mick and Paddy.

“So Paddy what’s your ringtone?” says Mick
“I’ve never looked Mick but I would imagine it’s a light brown colour”.


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Q. How did the Irish man break his leg raking leaves?

A. He fell out of a tree.

Irish KFC

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Q. Why did the Irish man go to sleep with 1o pieces of KFC in his bed?

A. Because he wanted to wake up oily.


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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife in Dublin.

Paddy: Hi, darling, hope you had a nice day at work, I’ve finished nailing all your sex toys to the wall.
Paddy’s Wife: You f*cking useless twat I said I wanted a dado rail!