The Best Funny Irish Jokes

Irish Terrorist

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Did you hear about the Irish terrorist who tried to blow up a bus? He got severe burn marks on his mouth from the exhaust pipe.

Irish Inventions

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Top 5 worst ever Irish inventions.

1. Inflatable dartboard.
2. Diet water.
3. Helicopter ejector seat.
4. Wooden barbecue.
5. Non-stick toilet paper.

Bowel Problems

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33% of Irish People have bowel problems and only go to the toilet once per week….

That’s One Turd.

Metal Detector

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Did you hear about the Irish metal detector who got trapped after digging a 30 foot hole? Turns out he was wearing steel toecap boots.

Irish Schools

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The Irish government has recently announced that they are going to save money on lollipop men and women by moving schools to the other side of the road.