The Best Funny Irish Jokes

Lottery Win

in Racist Jokes
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Paddy won the lottery, 22 million, He went to collect his winnings and they said, Really sorry Paddy but we haven’t got enough money to pay you it all. We will give you 11 million this week and 11 million next week, Ah be Jesus says paddy. If your gonna mess me about gimme me pound back.

Irish Coffee

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Q. What’s the difference between an Irish Coffee and a normal coffee?
A. Irish Coffee also includes a free potato.

Irish Post office

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The following conversation took place in an Irish post office.

Murphy: Paddy why are you talking to that envelope?
Paddy: I’m trying to send a voicemail.

Metal Detector

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Did you hear about the Irish metal detector enthusiast who dug a hole 70ft deep? It turns out he had steel toecap shoes on.

Irish/Welsh farmer

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An irish farmer sees a welsh farmer carrying 2 sheep under his arms, and asks, “are you gonna shear them?
.”No”.says the Welshman..
.”they”re both for me”.

Irish Chatup Line

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Hi, is your dad Irish because my c*ck is Dublin.