Best Funny Religious Jokes

Funny short religious jokes about god and hilarious comedy that can occur. Also includes multiple Christian jokes, Muslim jokes and even jokes about Jews.

Christmas Presents

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Instead of buying Christmas presents for your kids why not give them wisdom instead?

If you wrap up an empty cardboard box this will teach them about disappointment.


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If Noah was a Jew then why did he bring pigs with him on the boat?


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Just had some people knock on my door trying to convince me that ‘brown bread’ is better than ‘white bread’.

They told me they were hovis witness.

Boy Band

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Have you heard about the new boy band that is taking Saudi Arabia by storm?? They’re called the Burka Street Boys.


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Just broken up with my girlfriend after she told me she used to be Christian.

..It might seem judgmental, but I have only known her since she was Christine.

Priest Chatup Line

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I have a really small wiener. At least that’s what the priest told me.