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Home Depot

in Yo Mama Jokes
+2 -3

Yo mama is like home depot, 5 cents a screw.

Acid Trip

in Surreal Jokes
+1 -4

Had a really intense acid trip the other day. For 2 hours all I could see were beams of white light and all I could hear were car horns and people shouting.


in Animal Jokes
+2 -1

What do you call a donkey with 3 legs?


Top Tip

in Surreal Jokes
+5 -1

If you see a toilet in your dreams never use it.

Double glazing

in Racist Jokes
+2 -4

Why do Jews put double glazing on their houses? So their kids can’t hear the ice-cream man.

Peters house

in Surreal Jokes
+1 -8

Q. Why did Peter’s house burn down?
A. Because his surname was ‘File’.