The Best Funny Chinese Jokes

Clumsy Chinese

in Racist Jokes
+2 -3

What do you call a clumsy Chinese man?

Bang Ding Ao

Chinese Friend

in Racist Jokes
+31 -33

My Chinese best friend died recently. I flew to China for the funeral. It’s strange how when someone dies everywhere you look you see their face.

Bounty Hunter

in Racist Jokes
+20 -26

I got a job as a bounty hunter in China.

Couldn’t believe my luck, every time they put a new wanted poster up, the guy they were after was standing right next to me!

Cheap Aftershave

in Racist Jokes
+87 -93

Got some cheap aftershave from China the other day, no wonder they all have eyes like that.

Chinese Girlfriend

in Dirty Jokes, Racist Jokes
+89 -95

Just broke up with my Chinese girlfriend. Watching someone squint while they’re giving you a BJ is really off putting.

Chinese Friend

in Racist Jokes
+90 -98

My Chinese friend recently told me he smuggles large amounts of cheap alcohol from China. Apparently it’s a ‘whiskey’ business.