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Last night a thief broke into my house and started looking for money so i woke up and joined him.

Voice In Head

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As she lay there in my bed next to me I thought to myself “relax, you’re not the first doctor to sleep with a patient” but the other voice in my head said “But Howard you are a vet”.

Dolphin Tattoo

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My girlfriend just recently got a tattoo of a dolphin on her inner thigh. It’s amazing what tattooists can do these day, when you put your face near it you can actually smell the ocean.

Duck Fart

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Q. How does a duck fart?

A. Through his arsequack.

Wedding Video

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Just watched my wedding video backwards. I love the part where she takes off the ring, walks back down the isle and drives away

Bear teeth

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What do you call a bear with no teeth, a gummy bear!