Joke of The Month

Joke of the Month Trophey

In order to win joke of the month and achieve comedy immortality in the hall of fame you need to submit a joke that receives the most likes. This is calculated by adding the rating score along with the social media likes. In order for the joke to be published it must be funny and it must also be original (see joke writing rules).

Joke of The Month Winners 2021

Month Joke Winner
May Indian Vaccine Dave
April Symbol Bec
March Crawling Back Peter21
February Top Tip AaronG
January Toaster Dave

Joke of The Month Winners 2020

Month Joke Winner
December Tesco Value Steve
November Trump JBiden
October McNuggets Dave
September Time Capsule Dawson
August Vaccine BillyG
July Math dfsgfbfvf
June Short People Dave
May Break Up Ideas Dave
April Weighing Scale Stevo
March Store Asa
February Valentines Present Dave
January The World Chan3

Joke of The Month Winners 2019

Month Joke Winner
December butcheeks Dave
November Treasure Jim
October Thief U Don’t Know
September Blue Eyes Dannw
August Coffee Casey
July Dwarf Friend Debb2
June Bubble Wrap Stevo
May Googled Stevo
April Forgot DannW
March Ginger Son Daddy 13
February Valentines Jakkalas
January Fat Woman Pickup Line Don Juan

Joke of The Month Winners 2018

Month Joke Winner
December Stages of Life Nick
November Role Reversal DaveP
October Fact! StephenP
September Drinking Sammy
August Beard Growing Nickw
July Duck Fart Bono
June Bank SteeA
May Nipples Simon
April Bar Conversation SteveA
March Sad Coffee Dave
February Wife Apology JUlie
January Lipstick Dave

Joke of The Month Winners 2017

Month Joke Winner
December Diamonds ChrisP
November Body Part Dave
October Muslim Man Ry
September Fun Fact Dave
August Sperm Bank Dave
July Slept Dave
June Fridge SteveG
May Sign RachaelE
April Kitchen Emma
March Pool Saqib
February Diet Smithy
January Video Camera Mr Wong

Joke of The Month Winners 2016

Month Joke Winner
December squint AndrewL
November Car SteveB
October Electric Chair Dave
September Doctor Rico
August Stunning Girl DaveB
July Suit OptimRuss Prime
June Bottle TimS
May Facebook Name Benefits
April Guinness World Records Ashley
March Not Guilty Pedro
February Google Woman Dave
January Romantic Walk Rickey Hart

Joke of The Month Winners 2015

Month Joke Winner
December Free Pizza Michaelangelo
November See-Saw Jimmy
October Calories Pete
September E.T. Elliot
August Biology Test Chris
July Cloud Chat-Up Line Paul
June Fat Psychic Dave
May Parrot JakeB
April Last Words Rickp
March Riot Winston
February Racist Maths Scot
January Black Man Running TobyB

Joke of The Month Winners 2014

Month Joke Winner
December Romeo And Juliet Frank
November Wife And Kids CarlP
October Lottery Win Steve
September Heaven Rob
August Some People Neo
July White Babies Chan
June Pet Insurance Chatup Line Don Juan
May Breast Implants SimonP
April Black Guys Jehmal
March Clocks Forward George
February Valentines Day Dave
January Drink Driving Stan

Joke of The Month Winners 2013

Month Joke Winner
December Womens Legs Johnny
November Rock Climbing Sandro The Magician
October Girlfriend’s Dad MarkD
September Cyrus Bieber Dan
August Facebook Name Fred
July Health Service Frank
June Psychic Wanted Meg
May Cheap Prostitute Frank
April Hook Jack
March Onions Craig
February Going Out Dan
January Butt Cheeks Abe

Joke of The Month Winners 2012

Month Joke Winner
December Vegetable Eating Adam Fields
November Wife + Computer = Trouble Savvas
October 2 Argos Pens Graham
September Seduce Fat Woman Dave