Best Short Jokes This Year

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in Dirty Jokes
+38 -22

Sex is like math. You add a bed subtract the clothes divide the legs and pray there is no multpilcation.

Best Part

in Dirty Jokes
+25 -10

The best part about getting a blow job is my girlfriend not being able to speak.

saggy boobs

in Dirty Jokes
+31 -17

Q. What did one saggy boob say to the other?
A. We better get some support, or people are gonna think were nuts.


in Relationship Jokes
+22 -9

I tried to log on to my computer this morning but it wouldn’t let me in.
I shouted to my wife, “Babe, have you changed the password on the PC?”
“Yes honey.”
“What is it?”
“It’s the date of our anniversary.”

Skinny Fat

in Political Jokes
+26 -13

I’m fat but I’ve decided to identify as skinny.

I’m trans-slender.

Girlfriends Dog

in Animal Jokes
+28 -15

My girlfriend’s dog died recently so I decided to get her an identical one. She was really angry, she said “what am I gonna do with 2 dead dogs?”