The Best Funny Muslim Jokes


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I think my local mosque has a bouncy castle inside, every time I go past I always see a big pile of shoes in the doorway.


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It’s amazing what Muslims put themselves through just so they can get 72 virgins in heaven. It would be a lot easier if they just became Catholic priests.

Muslim Women

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If the KKK think white people are so great why do they dress like Muslim Women?


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Q. What do Islam and sat-navs have in common?
A. They both make you smash into buildings if you follow them too closely.

Muslim Violence

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It’s sad to see so much violence coming from the Muslim community in recent weeks. On the plus side my local Halal butcher has had some great deals on meat.


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Saw a fire breakout at my local mosque yesterday so I reported it to the emergency services.

Hopefully they got my message and did something to help otherwise it will have been a waste of a first class stamp.