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The Pizza

in Dirty Jokes
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I like to call my penis ‘The Pizza’. Not because it’s twelve inches, but because its covered in cheese, and the occasional mushroom.


in General Jokes
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Went to Subway today and they had an offer ‘£3 – Choose between 9 Subs and a Drink’ I said “What a dumb f*cking choice, I’ll take the 9 subs please”.


in Relationship Jokes
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My wife told me she wants to be treated like a princess.

So I decided to invite seven midgets to join us for dinner tonight.


in Political Jokes
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I’m on a quest around the world to find Bigfoot. I’d originally set out to find cheap car insurance, but I decided to keep my goals realistic.

Homeless Brother

in Political Jokes
+15 -16

After winning the lottery last week I have decided to give my homeless brother a new home. It’s the box from my new 65” TV.


in Dirty Jokes
+9 -10

I’ve been sleeping with this bloke’s wife and today he sent me this text: “You go near her again and ill have you dead! Mark my words!” To which I replied: “8 out of 10, the word (I’ll ) requires an apostrophe and a capital I.”