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End Of World

in Pick Up Lines
+14 -35

Hi it’s the end of the world tomorrow, would you like to have sex?


in Pick Up Lines
+67 -44

Are u from Ireland because when i look at you my penis is Dublin?


in Relationship Jokes
+3 -15

I heard you are looking for someone to build an ark for you… I think i noah guy!

Lesbian dino

in Animal Jokes
+29 -30

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? a lickalotapus

Roof Sale

in Surreal Jokes
+12 -21

Im selling my roof for free… i gues you can say its on the house!

xmas decorations

in Religious Jokes
+12 -28

I accidently ate some Christmas decorations the other day and now I have a really sore throat. I went to the doctors and he said it looks like I have tinsel-itus.