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Jimmy Saville Calender

in Dirty Jokes
+9 -23

Asda have now recalled their Jimmy Saville advent calendars due to a fault. The flaps don’t open past 16.

Greek Advent Calendar

in Political Jokes
+11 -10

Got myself a Greek advent calendar today. Behind every door there’s a note saying “IOU chocolate”.


in Yo Mama Jokes
+23 -33

Yo mama has one eye and one leg, her name is eyelean.

Moist target

in Yo Mama Jokes
+4 -25

Yo mama is so fat that when she has sex she has to roll over in flour so people can find the damp spot.

Economic Stimulus

in Political Jokes
+5 -16

If increased spending is good for the economy does that mean we can now finally start using monopoly money as legal currency?