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Brown and sticky

in Political Jokes
+10 -30

What’s brown and sticky?

Barack Obama after a wank.

Bank Deposit

in Political Jokes
+9 -22

I got thrown out of Barclays Bank today. I was trying to deposit £300,000 in cash but apparantly monopoly money is not a “real currency”!

You Can Call Me

in Pick Up Lines
+88 -61

People call me Dave, but you can call me Tonight!

Yo mama is so ugly…..

in Yo Mama Jokes
+19 -27

Yo mama is so ugly, even cillit wouldn’t bang her

2 argos pens!!!!

in Dirty Jokes
+51 -42

here is 2 interesting facts about me!
1) my knob is the same lenth as 2 argos pens!

2)im barred from argos