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chicken and prozzy

in Animal Jokes
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what is the diffrent between a chicken and a prostute/ chicken goes cockadoodle do
prostute goes any cock will do

Strawberry Ass

in Dirty Jokes
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A girl went to a doctors surgery with a Strawberry up her ass, The doctor said I’ve got some “Cream” For that.

Things Blacks Can’t Get

in Racist Jokes
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What are two things that a black man can’t get?

Answer- A black eye and a fat lip.

Black Man Lips

in Racist Jokes
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Why do black people have big lips? So they can eat food.


in Disabled Jokes
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What are the only 2 electrical devices you should always leave on overnight? Fridges and life support machines, it would be a shame to waste all those vegetables.


in Pick Up Lines
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My love is like a roller-coaster, it’s got a weight restriction.