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Yo Mama Fat

in Yo Mama Jokes
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I was gonna make a joke about yo mama being fat but she’s already got too much on her plate.

Medusa PickUp Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Are you Medusa because you’re making me hard?

Homeless Guy

in Political Jokes
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A cheeky homeless guy with a dog came up to me earlier today asking me for some money for food. I told him “If you were really hungry you would have eaten your dog by now.”


in General Jokes
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Do you know when that movie about constitpation is being released?

It seems to be taking ages to come out.


in General Jokes
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Got a rubbish thesaurus for my birthday the other day. It was rubbish.


in Racist Jokes
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What is the object of Jewish football?

To get the quarter back.