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You: “Have you ever blown bubbles as a kid?”
Him: “Yes”
You: “Well he’s back in town and he wants your phone number”


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Discovered yesterday I have liftophobia, fear of lifts. I’m taking steps to avoid them.

Local Girls

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I was just enjoying a wank when some woman popped up and said, “Find local girls in your area”

I said, “Get the fuck out of my room, mum.”


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The fear of people to your right is dextrophobia.
The fear of having people to your left is anthropophobia.
And the fear of having people behind you is homophobia.

Valentines Present

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My wife asked me, “What did you buy me for valentines day?”
“Well,” I chuckled. “You see that pink Mercedes over there?”
“Yes,” she said happily.
“Well I bought you a toothbrush the same colour.”


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Wife’s really angry tonight complaining I never buy her flowers!

Didn’t even realise she sold flowers.