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Summer Holiday

in General Jokes
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This is the first year I can’t have a summer holiday in the Bahamas because of Covid19. I normally can’t have a holiday in the Bahamas because I’m too poor.

Short People

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You gotta hand it to short people….

Mainly because they can’t reach.

Penis and Rubix

in Dirty Jokes
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Q. What does a penis and a rubix cube have in common ?

A. The more you play with it the harder it gets.

Skinny Fat

in Political Jokes
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I’m fat but I’ve decided to identify as skinny.

I’m trans-slender.


in Racist Jokes
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Its ridiculous how the media focuses on black people rioting but when white people riot nobody cares. I’m a shop owner and I’ve never had any problems with black rioters although my shop does mostly sell books.

Chinese Wisdom

in Racist Jokes
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Confucius Say: Naked man who walk through door sideways going to Bangcock.