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Pork Chop

in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so ugly that she has to put a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her.


in Surreal Jokes
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My friend got me a book for my birthday called ‘Recipes for Cooking Road-kill’. I found some road-kill the other day, cooked it and it was delicious.. Not sure what to do with the bicycle though.


in Dirty Jokes
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What do you call a prostitute with a fake tan?

An Orange pay as you go!

Lie Detector

in Surreal Jokes
+6 -15

I took a lie dectector test today, actually I didn’t really that was a lie.


in Dirty Jokes
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The following conversation took place between a 3-year-old boy and his mum while having a bath.

Boy: ‘Mum are these round things between my legs my brains?’
Mum: ‘No not yet!’

Oscar Pistorious Bail

in Sports Jokes
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Since his release on bail Oscar Pistorious has decided to spend the weekend clay pigeon shooting to relax. So far he’s accidentally killed 2 elephants and shot a Jeep that was on safari.