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Doctor Advice

in Animal Jokes
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My doctor said that I should watch what I eat so I’ve decided to go to the Grand-National!

German Market

in Racist Jokes
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Went to a German market last week. My Jewish granddad would have been so proud to see me enjoying the hard work of hundreds of Germans locked in tiny wooden sheds.

Disabled Gymnasts

in Disabled Jokes
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I’m proud to say I donated over $10 million to disabled gymnasts in Eastern Europe last year. Apparently they contacted my bank to let me know that ‘the invalid Czechs were bouncing’ which is great news.

Happy Arab

in Religious Jokes
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What do you call an Arab who has a positive attitude and always sees the bright side of life??

A Sunni Muslim


in Relationship Jokes
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My daughter was born yesterday. I named her after my mother-in-law, she’s called ‘passive-aggressive psycho’.

Cross the road

in Animal Jokes
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Q:Why did the cow cross the road?

A:To go to the moo-vies