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in Racist Jokes
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The CEO of ikea has been heavily critisised by anti-racism groups after he recently said that monkeys are not welcome in his stores.

It’s getting bigger

in Dirty Jokes
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What gets bigger when you pull it and even bigger when you put it in the hole? A seat belt.

Queen Prank Call

in Political Jokes
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Pizza Hut has made an official complaint to Buckingham Palace for waisting staff time. Apparantly the Queen and her friend Maya Buttreeks ordered twenty ‘Hot 12″ Mexicans’ but refused to pay on delivery!

Knee Sitting Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Come and sit on my knee and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up.

Good Thing About Pedos

in Dirty Jokes
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What is the only good thing about paedophiles? They never break the speed limit when they drive past schools.

wife crawling

in Relationship Jokes
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Q. What do you do if your wife comes crawling back?

A. Drag her back into the garden and make sure you dig the hole deeper.