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Obama Bar

in Political Jokes
+47 -43

An illegal alien, a Muslim and a communist go into a bar.

The bartender asks,

“What can I get for you President Obama?”

Next Girlfriend

in Pick Up Lines
+63 -42

Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

Dwarf Shortest Ever Joke

in Disabled Jokes
+14 -23

Dwarf shortage.

cactus joke

in General Jokes
+10 -8

im not an expert with cactuses but i know a prick when i see one

chicken and prozzy

in Animal Jokes
+17 -20

what is the diffrent between a chicken and a prostute/ chicken goes cockadoodle do
prostute goes any cock will do

Strawberry Ass

in Dirty Jokes
+16 -18

A girl went to a doctors surgery with a Strawberry up her ass, The doctor said I’ve got some “Cream” For that.