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Lie Detector

in Surreal Jokes
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I took a lie dectector test today, actually I didn’t really that was a lie.


in Dirty Jokes
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The following conversation took place between a 3-year-old boy and his mum while having a bath.

Boy: ‘Mum are these round things between my legs my brains?’
Mum: ‘No not yet!’

Oscar Pistorious Bail

in Sports Jokes
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Since his release on bail Oscar Pistorious has decided to spend the weekend clay pigeon shooting to relax. So far he’s accidentally killed 2 elephants and shot a Jeep that was on safari.

UK Credit Rating

in Political Jokes
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It’s a disgrace that the UK has recently lost its AAA credit rating. Just because our main export is Walkers Crisps and half the population is on unemployment benefits doesn’t mean we have a weak economy.

Doctor Advice

in Animal Jokes
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My doctor said that I should watch what I eat so I’ve decided to go to the Grand-National!

German Market

in Racist Jokes
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Went to a German market last week. My Jewish granddad would have been so proud to see me enjoying the hard work of hundreds of Germans locked in tiny wooden sheds.