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Football Fat

in Yo Mama Jokes
+10 -27

Yo mama is so fat when she walks past me at a football match I miss 20 min of the game!!!!!!

Jim Couldn’t Fix It

in Dirty Jokes
+12 -19

What’s the only thing Jim couldn’t fix?………your daughter’s hymen

Cucumber Sales

in Dirty Jokes
+50 -29

Asda have reported a 300% increase in cucumber sales since the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was released.

Women Condoms

in Relationship Jokes
+36 -21

Q: Why are women like condoms?

A: The both spend about 90% of the time in your wallet and 10% of the time on your cock

What’s Blue

in Dirty Jokes
+17 -17

What’s blue an f*cks old women? ………. Hypothermia!

Green and Invsible

in Surreal Jokes
+8 -14

What’s green and Invisible? This cucumber.