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Polish man

in Racist Jokes
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The following conversion took place in a Polish church.

Polish Man: I want to divorce my wife.
Priest: Why my son?
Polish Man: I think she is trying to kill me.
Priest: What makes you say this?
Polish Man: I found polish remover in the medicine cabinet.

Santa Oswald

in Political Jokes
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What do Santa Claus and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common?

They can both be in two places at once.

Rubber Toe

in Racist Jokes
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What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe???


Rock Concert

in Political Jokes
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The Prime Minister has recently announced a new initiative to boost our economy. Apparently the Ethiopians are going to be organizing a rock concert for us.

UK School

in Political Jokes
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I is very proud dat I went 2 school in da UK. I fink out of all 17 countries in da world UK is da best.