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Went to a fancy dress party last night dressed as a loaf of bread, the birds were all over me.

Greek Tampon

in Dirty Jokes
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What do you call a Greek man with a tampon on his head?…

Abzorba the Greek

Floating TV

in Racist Jokes
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What do you do if your TV starts floating in the middle of the night?

Tell the black man to put the TV down and threaten to call the police.


in Pick Up Lines
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Boy: Can you catch??
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because I’ve got a couple of balls coming your way.


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I tried cooking with wine for the 1st time last night. After 5 glasses I can’t remember what happened and I woke up on the kitchen floor with an empty bottle.


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My clever friend said that onions are the only food that can make you cry. So I threw a coconut in his face.