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What do dating and driving have in common?
They both involve being chased by the police if you go too fast.

Dog ball

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Two homosexuals walking by the beach see a dog lick his own balls. The following conversation takes place.
Man 1: “I’d like to be able do that!”
Man 2: “Me too …. but I’m scared he might bite!”

Ungrateful Son

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I can’t believe how ungrateful my 4 year old son is. I took him out for a ride on his sledge this morning but after 10 minutes I looked back and saw he was missing. It was lucky I had to stop for petrol otherwise I may not have noticed and it would have taken ages to drive back and find him.

Worlds Dirtiest Joke

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How can you tell if your sister is on her period? Your dad’s d*ck tastes different.


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What happens when you give viagra to lawyers?

They grow taller.


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What did the guy with Leprosy say to the whore after they made love?
Keep the tip. (meaning the tip of his p*nis)