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Spanish Holiday

in General Jokes
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May Yammow finds it difficult to introduce herself when holidaying in Spain.

Mortgage Deal

in Political Jokes
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Government has announced new plans to help first-time buyers which is great. They have as much right as anyone to have a house repossessed.


in Relationship Jokes
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Q. Why is a wife like a candle?

A. Because if you you’re not careful with them they can take away your house.

Funny Surname

in General Jokes
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My mate said “It must be strange having a surname like Head”

I said “It’s much worse for my uncle Dick”


in Dirty Jokes
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Can’t believe I’ve been banned from Walmart. Apparently when the checkout girl said “strip down facing me” she was talking about my credit card.

Social security

in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so old that her social security number is 1.