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School Results

in Political Jokes
+21 -14

Schools have come under pressure recently as large numbers of students have been getting bad exam results. On the plus side pregnancy test results are at an all-time high.

New Zealand Farmer

in Religious Jokes
+25 -33

Q. Why did the New Zealand farmer become a Muslim?
A. Because he really loves ‘islamb.

Teddy Bear

in Pick Up Lines
+251 -121

Hi, I’ve lost my teddy bear and I was wondering if you’d sleep with me instead.

Beauty Sleep

in Relationship Jokes
+9 -11

My wife said she was going for a beauty sleep last night. I said “Ok, see you in 3 months time”.

Jealous dad

in Relationship Jokes
+7 -11

I’m not saying my dad’s the jealous type, but we were never allowed to be breast fed…

Postal Worker

in Racist Jokes
+43 -51

What do you call a female postal worker in china?

Mai Ling