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Skiing Holiday

in Dirty Jokes
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3 men go on a skiing holiday in the Alps and have to share the same bed, in the morning the following conversation takes place.

Man on left: “I had a dream last night that I got a hand job.”
Man on right: “No way, I also had a dream about that as well!”
Man in middle: “That’s funny I had a dream I was skiing.”

Free Tattoo

in Surreal Jokes
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Got a free tattoo on my arm yesterday. All I had to do was accidentally pour boiling water on myself.

Baby Seal

in Pick Up Lines
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If I was an injured baby seal needing shelter and you were a cave would you let me go inside you?

Usain Bolt

in Sports Jokes
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Why does Usain Bolt suffer from relationship problems?

Because he always comes first.

Missing Flight

in Political Jokes
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After being arrested and interrogated today I’ve now discovered that shouting “bomb” at the top of your voice is a bad way to keep yourself amused while waiting at an airport.


in Religious Jokes
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If God doesn’t want people to eat bacon, why did he make it taste so good?