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Nice Milksacks

in Pick Up Lines
+5 -18

Nice Milksacks… You’re plastic surgeon should be given an award.

Car Insurance

in General Jokes
+4 -10

Just managed to save a load of money on my car insurance. After I had a crash I just drove away really fast and then went into hiding for 3 weeks.


in Pick Up Lines
+5 -17

My advice to you is strong deodorant and smokers toothpaste.

Look Nice

in Relationship Jokes
+24 -6

The other day my wife asked me to buy her something to make her look nice so I went to the liquor store.


in Political Jokes
+25 -26

Got a letter today through the post that was addressed to ‘The Occupier’ which was strange because there are no Israelis living here.

Japanese Rice

in Racist Jokes
+42 -61

What do you call a Japanese man who has eaten too much rice?

Nowa Nidashi (Now I need a sh*t)