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Cross the road

in Animal Jokes
+15 -28

Q:Why did the cow cross the road?

A:To go to the moo-vies

Let there be light

in Yo Mama Jokes
+46 -30

Yo Mama’s so fat that when god said let there be light, he told yo mama to move.

Lost Grandad

in Relationship Jokes
+9 -18

I lost my grandad last year. He’s not dead he’s just wondering round ikea.

Head Injury

in General Jokes
+21 -13

My neighbor recently received an unexplained head injury while in his garden and had to go to hospital. Luckily his house is only a stones throw away from mine and I was able to find him and call for help.

Happy Valentines Day

in Disabled Jokes
+11 -24

Just because I’m dyslexic doesn’t mean I don’t layve you.

The Pope

in Religious Jokes
+14 -19

What do the Pope and Jimmy Saville have in common?

They both wear lots of jewelrey.