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Australian Kiss

in Dirty Jokes
+21 -22

Q. Why is an Australian kiss better than a French kiss?

A. Because they’re down-under.

Tyre Manufacturer

in Pick Up Lines
+13 -17

Do you work for a tyre manufacturer because you look like you have a lot of experience with rubber?

Monday joke

in Pick Up Lines
+63 -49

You remind me of Mondays… Nobody likes you and you make me feel tired.

Church WiFi

in Religious Jokes
+42 -30

My local church have now installed Wi-Fi to help improve communication. Are they finally admitting praying doesn’t work?


in Surreal Jokes
+10 -13

I saw a sign today day telling please keep off the grass. I wonder how it got there?

Black People

in Racist Jokes
+120 -120

I was gonna make a joke about black people but I guess I’ll have to slave it for later.