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I slept like a log last night…. Woke up in a forest covered with ants.


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Went shopping last week to try and find some camouflage trousers, couldn’t find any.

Petting Zoo

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Went to a petting zoo last week with only 1 dog . It was a shitzu,

Alabama hospital

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The following coversation took place at a hosiptal in Alabama.

Patient: Doctor doctor, I‘ve got Aids, do you have a cure?
doctor: Go home and eat all the food in your kitchen.
Patient: will that cure my aids?
doctor: no but it will show you what your arse is used for


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I went to a psychic the other day and asker her if I was gonna go to jail in the future….. She said no so I robbed her.


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What’s the difference between goats and women??

Goats are always horney.