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Getting Lucky

in Disabled Jokes
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Once you get past a certain age “getting lucky” is the thing that happens when your remember where you put down your keys.


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The following conversation took place at McDonalds between a stoned guy and a clerk.
Guy: “Can I have a McChicken sandwich, a pack of 20 cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey please.”
Clerk: “Sir this is McDonalds.”
Guy: “Ok sorry, I meant McCigarettes and McWhiskey.”


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Yo mama is so ugly she can’t even attract mosquitos!

Adopt Baby

in Surreal Jokes
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Me and my wife tried to adopt a baby last week but unfortunately the supermarket security guards saw us on CCTV and we were arrested.


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Can’t believe how dangerous the streets are becoming! Just this afternoon I stole an old ladys handbag and punched someone at a bus stop.


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What do you call a Chinese man who likes to eat soup with chopsticks?

Yuan Dum Fuk