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Just had the following conversation with my wife

Wife: “Give it to me! I’m so f*cking wet! Give it to me now!”
Me: You can scream all you want, you’re not having the umbrella.

Street Performers

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I hate street performers…
Then again, I’m a mime, so I can’t really talk.


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Masterbayting is so much easier now with the internet. I remember in the old days I had to use the Argos catalog.

Now I can just go to

Bra pickup Line

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Hi, are you 34C? (stare at boobs)

Hot Weather

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The thing I love most about this hot weather is the short skirts and low cut tops.
Although, they do make me look a bit gay.


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My dad never loved me as a child.
I can’t blame him really.
I wasn’t born until he was an adult.