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Bored Housewife

in Dirty Jokes
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Got an email from a bored housewife the other day looking for ‘some action’ so I decided to send her some of my ironing to keep her busy.


in General Jokes
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Have you heard about that new TV program about origami?
It’s paper view.


in General Jokes
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My new business on Ebay is a great success. Just sold my homing pigeons for the 17th time in a row!


in Religious Jokes
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Found a leather wallet today and as a good Christian I thought to myself.

“What would Jesus do?”

So I tried to resurrect the cow that the wallet came from.

Chinese Takeaway

in General Jokes
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Chinese takeaway – £15
Delivery charge – £1
Realising the idiots have forgot one of your containers – Riceless.


in Relationship Jokes
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I’m not saying my wife’s ugly but the other day she went to the next door neighbour’s house to tell them to keep the noise down and she can’t back with some sweets.