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Went to the doctors toady and he told me I have Covid19. I asked him for a 2nd opinion and then he told me I was an ugly cunt as well.


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Just had the following conversation with my wife.

Wife: Can’t believe how much weight I’ve gained since lockdown.
Me: You haven’t gained that much weight. Come on… chin up. No, the other one.


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Q. How did the chicken get to the other side?
A. Suicide

Seven Seconds

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Apparently men think about sex every seven seconds. Luckily I wrote this in sex.

Wife Angry

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My wife was really angry with me today.
I put a stick in a non-stick frying pan.

Two types of Indians

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What do you call an Indian with a dot on his head? A push start.
What do you call an Indian with a turban on his head? A pull start.