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Last Night

in Relationship Jokes
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Last night my wife came up to me wearing sexy lingerie and told me I can do anything I want so I decided to tie her up and go to the bar for a few drinks.


in Surreal Jokes
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Don’t you just hate it when the ctrl key on your keyboard breaks.

Farmer Pick-Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Are you a farmer? Because you’ve got some big, round, beautiful melons!


in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so ugly she makes onions cry!

Toll Road

in Relationship Jokes
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Met my wife working at a toll road. She really raised the bar.

Chinese Guy

in Racist Jokes
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The following conversation took place in a bar between me and a Chinese man.

Me: Do you know martial arts like Kung fu, ju-jitsu or karate?
Chinese man: Why the fuk you ask me dat? Is it coz I Chinese?
Me: No… It’s because you’re drinking my f*cking beer!!