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Fat Girl Pick-Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
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(In a busy nightclub or bar)

Man: Hey, fancy going for a few drinks somewhere a little quieter?
Fat Woman: Oh yes, I’d love to.
Man: Thanks, you’re making me and the boys feel sick.

A little boy

in Dirty Jokes
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Kid: *Cough*
Mom: Whats wrong sweetie
Kid: nothing its just that I ate a banana
Mom: But we have no banana’s
Kid: It daddy’s banana


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My best friend who sells drugs was involved in an accident the other day and he now only has one hand.

He’s slowly dealing with it.


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Q. Why don’t gingers like music?

A.  Because they have no soul.

Jew Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Hi I’m a Jew. Would you like to buy me a drink?

Sons Girlfriend

in Dirty Jokes
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My son walked in today with his new girlfriend.

“This is Sarah,” he burst out.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” I smiled.

“Really? All good I hope,” she smirked.

“Oh yes, he’s a lucky boy,” I replied. “It was a year before his mother let me do her in the ass.”