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Obesity has become a really bad problem in recent years.
I blame the reduction of bullying in schools.

Thai Bride

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Really fed up with my new Thai bride!

She keeps leaving the toilet seat up!

Social Justice

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Just decided to start my own company promoting social justice. All my employees are going to be female. This is better because it promotes equality in society. Also I can pay them lower wages than men and they have nice tits.


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The following conversation took place at a supermarket.

Man: Hi, I’ve lost my wife, can you talk to me for a few minutes?
Sexy Woman: Why?
Man: Because every time I talk to beautiful women my wife appears out of nowhere.

MC Hammer

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Went to a party last night at MC Hammer’s house. It was terrible, he kept getting really paranoid about people touching things.

Fun Fact

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The first ever tablet to download data from the cloud was actually invented by Moses in 1300 BC.