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in General Jokes
+8 -9

Started a whiskey diet on Monday…I’ve lost 3 days already.

A man phones work

in Dirty Jokes
+6 -9

A man phones work and says to his boss, i can’t come in today I’m sick, in which his boss replies, how sick are you, and which he replies, I’m in bed with my daughter.

Onion Chopping

in Racist Jokes
+8 -20

What’s the difference between a Jew and an onion.

You cry when you chop up an onion.

MacDonald Nursery Rhyme

in Disabled Jokes
+11 -10

Old MacDonald had tourette’s.


Average Person

in Dirty Jokes
+7 -18

The average person has sex 89 times a year. Looks like I’m going to have a busy night tonight.

Taxi Driver

in General Jokes
+8 -12

Made a taxi driver really angry tonight.

Told him to drive me home in reverse and now he owes me £16.20.