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Wifes Birthday

in Relationship Jokes
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Last year my wife was furious that I missed her birthday, and insisted that in future I should plan at least two months in advance. Well it’s her birthday in 8 weeks time, and I’m pleased to say I’ve already bought her her present. She’s going to love these flowers.

HC Hammer

in Disabled Jokes
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I wonder if the lyrics for MC Hammer’s song are available in braille?


in General Jokes
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F*ck the ships!!

My lighthouse, my rules.

Read Minds

in Dirty Jokes
+27 -16

If women could read minds men would get slapped every 2 seconds.

Alcohol Intake

in General Jokes
+10 -19

The Doctor looked me squarely in the eye. “You seriously need to reduce your alcohol intake or you’ll ruin what’s left of your liver completely.” “Fuck off, Doc,” I replied. “You always say that when it’s your round. Get the beers in, you tight cunt.”

Dry Skin

in General Jokes
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Finally managed to cure my dry skin problem, I’ve stopped using towels.