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Hospital Bathroom

in Dirty Jokes
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The following coversation took place in a hospital bathroom.

Patient: Have you seen one as big as this today? (points to crotch area)
Nurse: Yes, I also work on the maternity ward.

Drinking Problem

in Disabled Jokes
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My doctor told me today that I shouldn’t drink alcohol every day. “That’s fine”, I said, I only drink at night anyway.


in Relationship Jokes
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I’m beggining to have doubts about my wife. She got sacked last week for drinking on the job…. she works in a sperm bank.

Carpet Removal

in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so dumb that when she called someone to come over and tear up her carpet she thought she was hiring a male prostitute.

Suspicious mind

in Relationship Jokes
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My wife´s suspicious mind is really begining to annoy me. Last night after looking at my calendar she wanted to know who May was.


in Surreal Jokes
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I really ducking hate autocorrect.