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Without nipples bubbies are pointless.

Download Mp3s

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If you download mp3s while on holiday in Jamaica, does that make you a ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’?

One In A Million

in Relationship Jokes
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My wife told me I was one in a million. After looking though her text messages I found out she was right.

Blind Wiping

in Disabled Jokes
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How do blind people know when they’re done wiping there ass?

Women and Glasses

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What do women and glasses have in common? You usually have to spend about $100 to get them on your face.

History Of Earth

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If you condense the history of the Earth into one day.

0:00 ——————->Earth and solar system is formed.
6:00 ——————->First life appears
22:35 ——————>First dinosaurs appear
22:45 ——————>First mammals appear
23:20 ——————>Dinosaurs extinct
23:59 & 58 secs—->First modern humans appear
23:59 & 59.96 secs>Jesus is born
0:00 ——————–>Finally get to see a Justin Bieber concert