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One Night Stand

in Relationship Jokes
+17 -15

Had a one night stand last year that went horribly wrong, we’re now married.

Someone Close

in Surreal Jokes
+28 -11

Someone close to me died the other day. Luckily there was another space available on the bus so I moved seats.

Wife Freezer

in Relationship Jokes
+31 -17

3 reasons why my wife is like a freezer.

1. She never stops making a noise.
2. She can hold a lot of food inside her.
3. It can take hours of “defrosting” to make her wet.

Breast Implants

in Surreal Jokes
+24 -9

Woman with breast implants = Cheap and fake
Woman with breast implants that has a squeaky toy inside = Genius

Office Dress

in Surreal Jokes
+45 -10

Yesterday my boss told me “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”. Today when I turned up at the office dressed like a Ghostbuster he told me I was fired.

Out Of Your League

in Pick Up Lines
+7 -10

Just because I’m out of your league doesn’t mean that you should feel intimidated and pretend to ignore me.