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Korean Girlfriend

in Racist Jokes
+9 -15

My Korean girlfriend made a pie from Scratch this weekend. I’m gonna miss that dog.


in Dirty Jokes
+9 -11

I haven’t had sex in so long, the other day I opened up a can of tuna and got a hard on.

Environment Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+18 -14

Guy: Hi do you care about the environment?
Girl: Yes.
Guy: Well maybe we can take showers together to save water.

Pulled over

in General Jokes
+9 -12

Just been pulled over by a cop. He said ‘can you identify yourself sir’ so I pulled out a mirror and said ‘yep that’s me!’

Fun Without Money

in General Jokes
+10 -13

Three fun things you can do without money.

1. When you sign for a package at the post office put a peenis as your signature.
2. Walk up to a small child who looks like you and say you are them from the future.
3. Call a restaurant that sells chicken and ask them to talk about their breasts and how big and juicy they are.

Islamic TV

in Religious Jokes
+8 -9

Q. What do you call the Islamic TV awards?
A. The “mosquers”