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Best chat up line

in Pick Up Lines
+4 -13

Best chat up line ever which never fails, it is, don’t scream b*tch i have a knife.


in Yo Mama Jokes
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I’m not saying yo mama is a whore but her favorite shade of lipstick is penis.

Ginger Person

in General Jokes
+3 -5

What’s the difference between a ginger person and a shoe?
A shoe has a soul.

Electric Eels

in Animal Jokes
+2 -4

What did they used to call electric eels before electricity was invented? Magic eels?

Rubiks cube

in Dirty Jokes
+7 -7

What do Rubik’s cubes and c*cks have in common?

The longer you play with it the harder it gets!

Friends on Netflix

in General Jokes
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Ever since Netflix started streaming friends, I’ve been watching it non stop.

Why did no one tell me life was going to be this way…