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Bat Attack

in General Jokes
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Just been attacked by a thug with a bat.

It’s amazing how good thugs are at training animals these days.

Gun Manuals

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Do gun manuals have a “trouble shooting?” section?


in Relationship Jokes
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My wife’s a bit like Pinocchio. Every time she tells me lies, her nose swells up.


in Dirty Jokes
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Got sentenced in court yesterday for having indecent images on my computer.

The judge said “How does 5-6 years sound?”

I said, “Sexy.”


in Sports Jokes
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Conor McGregor walks into a bar and says, “I’ll take a couple of shots please.” The barman says, “You didn’t take them very well on Saturday”

Zombie Apocalypse

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If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I’m just going to surround my house with outward facing treadmills. I should be fine.