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Making Love

in Dirty Jokes
+10 -11

Making love to a woman is like playing the violin…

I don’t know how to do it.


in General Jokes
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If my grandmother ever found out how much I spent on her funeral. She would be spinning in her ditch.


in Political Jokes
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They say money is the root of all evil which is why I never give any money to Africa. They have enough problems already.

No Wars

in Political Jokes
+8 -15

If women ruled the world there would be no wars.

Wars require strategy and logic.

Green And Fuzzy

in Surreal Jokes
+10 -13

What’s green and fuzzy and can kill you if it falls out of a tree?
A snooker table.

Piranha Fish

in Animal Jokes
+9 -7

Found out today that Piranha fish can totally remove the flesh from a child’s body in under 5 minutes.
On the downside, I’ve now been fired from my job at the aquarium.