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Happy Easter

in Religious Jokes
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Jesus is the best. I bet if Aquaman and Jesus had a fight, Jesus would walk all over him.


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What’s the difference in Jesus and a painting of Jesus?

You only need one nail to hang the painting.


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Did you hear about the new mummy they’ve discovered in Egypt? It was covered in nuts and chocolate.

They think his name was Pharaoh Rocher.

Think about it

in Racist Jokes
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Why do black people have flat noses?

Because there’s no lights in the jungle.

The Pizza

in Dirty Jokes
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I like to call my penis ‘The Pizza’. Not because it’s twelve inches, but because its covered in cheese, and the occasional mushroom.


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Went to Subway today and they had an offer ‘£3 – Choose between 9 Subs and a Drink’ I said “What a dumb f*cking choice, I’ll take the 9 subs please”.