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Fat Americans

in General Jokes
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Q. Why are most Americans fat?
A. Because all the thin people get eaten by the fat ones.

Never Satisfied

in Relationship Jokes
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My wife is never satisfied. She wanted me to build a bathroom next to our bedroom but I just got us some plastic bedsheets instead.

Fat Mama Bath

in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so fat she doesn’t have a bath she has a car wash.

Hot Dogs

in General Jokes
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Why do they call hot dogs, hot dogs? Shouldn’t they be called, hot hogs?

Boarded Up

in Political Jokes
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Cant believe how many boarded up windows my local town center has nowadays. Windows cleaners have started replacing their sponges with sanders.


in Dirty Jokes
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Sex is like math. You add a bed subtract the clothes divide the legs and pray there is no multpilcation.