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Egg Cooking Advice

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Instead of wasting money on costly egg timers simply boil your egg to perfection by getting in your car and driving at 60 mph for exactly 3 miles. When you reach the 3 mile mark call your wife and tell her to take it out the pan.


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Went to the doctors yesterday and told him that every time I drink coffee I get a stabbing pain in my right eye.

He advised me to take the spoon out of the cup.

Loosing Weight

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Found out recently that I have a condition which stops me from loosing weight. It’s called being a greedy c*nt.

Doctor’s office

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I went to my doctor and he said he had some good news and some bad news. He said the good news was that he got my test results and I had two days to live. Then he said the bad news was that he has been trying to contact me for two days.

Onions Pick Up Line

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Your face makes onions cry.

Dating Tips

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Overcome awkward silences on those first dates by bringing an air horn with you.