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Skiing Holiday

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3 men go on a skiing holiday in the Alps and have to share the same bed, in the morning the following conversation takes place.

Man on left: “I had a dream last night that I got a hand job.”
Man on right: “No way, I also had a dream about that as well!”
Man in middle: “That’s funny I had a dream I was skiing.”

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Can’t believe I’ve just been banned from using Apparently “My dick”, is an inappropriate answer to the question ‘What do you want most in a woman?”.

Sacked Yesterday

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Got sacked from my job yesterday for being a pervert.

I don’t understand why, I’m always hard at work.

Between Legs

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The following conversation took place between a 7 year old and his dad.

Boy: You know that thing between your legs?
Dad: Yeah!
Boy: Why do girls eat it?
Dad: How do you know about that?
Boy: I saw mommy eating uncle Jeff’s

$100 tattoo

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3 reasons why you should get a $100 bill tattooed onto your salami.

1. You can play with your money.
2. You can watch your money grow.
3. Every woman loves to blow money.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Had a great time watching Fifty Shades Of Grey at the cinema with my girlfriend. The film was terrible but the reaction of the people sitting in front of us after I flicked mayonnaise on them was hilarious.