The Best Funny Chat Up Lines

Funny chat up lines that are guaranteed to bring you success with the ladies.

Pet Insurance Chat-Up Line

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+123 -64

Do you have pet insurance?? Because I’m going to destroy your pussy.

Seduce Fat Woman

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+67 -28

How do you seduce a fat woman? Piece of cake.

Teddy Bear

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+73 -37

Hi, I’ve lost my teddy bear and I was wondering if you’d sleep with me instead.


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+63 -37

Boy: Can you catch??
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because I’ve got a couple of balls coming your way.

Cloud chat up Line

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+37 -12

You remind me of a cloud. When you disappear my day gets brighter.

Chicken Farm

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+35 -22

Do you live on a chicken farm because you sure know how to raise cocks?