Best Short Jokes This Year

Collection of the best funny short jokes from this year sorted by user rating.

Get Better Soon

in Relationship Jokes
+26 -8

I got my wife a get better soon card. She’s not ill or anything but she could definitely get better. 

Hand grenade

in General Jokes
+30 -12

Marriage is like a hand grenade, take off the ring and say goodbye to your house.

Racist Teacher

in Racist Jokes
+36 -18

Why did the teacher shout at the Asian but not at me?

Because I’m White and he’s Wong

Doctor’s office

in General Jokes
+28 -11

I went to my doctor and he said he had some good news and some bad news. He said the good news was that he got my test results and I had two days to live. Then he said the bad news was that he has been trying to contact me for two days.


in General Jokes
+25 -8

For those worried about Alexa listening to your conversations Amazon are now releasing a male version called Alex who ignores everything you say.

Bubble Wrap

in General Jokes
+37 -20

“Where do you want this big roll of bubble wrap?” I asked my boss.
“Just pop it in the corner,” he said.

After 3 hours of popping I’ve now been fired :(!