Best Short Jokes This Year

Collection of the best funny short jokes from this year sorted by user rating.

Health Check

in General Jokes
+32 -6

Just had the following conversation with my doctor after getting a health check.

Doctor: Don’t eat anything fatty
Me: What? You mean like bacon or burgers?
Doctor: No fatty!! Don’t eat anything.


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+36 -11

Just had the following argument with the wife while out shopping:

Wife: Does this dress make me look fat?
Me: Do you promise not to get mad whatever I say?
Wife: Yes, sure.
Me: I f*cked your sister.


in Racist Jokes
+48 -24

What is white and covers the streets first thing in the morning? Employed people.


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+30 -7

Went to the doctors yesterday and told him that every time I drink coffee I get a stabbing pain in my right eye.

He advised me to take the spoon out of the cup.

Role Reversal

in Relationship Jokes
+32 -9

My wife suggested we should try some role reversal in bed so I told her I have a headache.

Pie Charts

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Did you know that 85% of pie charts resemble Pacman?