Best Short Jokes This Year

Collection of the best funny short jokes from this year sorted by user rating.


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My favourite text message to send to the wife when I’m out drinking at the bar.

“I’ll be home in 5 minutes… If not… read this again!!”


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My dad never loved me as a child.
I can’t blame him really.
I wasn’t born until he was an adult.

Beard Growing

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Had a beard growing competition over the weekend with one of my Indian friends from work.
She won.

Health Check

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Just had the following conversation with my doctor after getting a health check.

Doctor: Don’t eat anything fatty
Me: What? You mean like bacon or burgers?
Doctor: No fatty!! Don’t eat anything.


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The following conversation happened after calling the police.

Police: What’s your emergency?
Me: Two girls are fighting over me.
Police: OK and what’s the problem?
Me: The fat one is winning!

Weight scale

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My wife says for Christmas she wants something that goes from 0-100 in a few of seconds so I got her a weighing scale.