Best Short Jokes This Year

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in Surreal Jokes
+65 -22

A recent scientific study showed that out of 2,293,618,367 people, 94% are too lazy to actually read that number.


in Racist Jokes
+67 -30

Mexicans have been complaining recently about Trumps wall, they really need to get over it.

Valentines Present

in Relationship Jokes
+47 -14

My wife asked me, “What did you buy me for valentines day?”
“Well,” I chuckled. “You see that pink Mercedes over there?”
“Yes,” she said happily.
“Well I bought you a toothbrush the same colour.”

One in Four

in Dirty Jokes
+47 -17

They say one in every four men is gay, so there must be one in my group of friends.

I hope it’s Michael – he’s super cute.


in Dirty Jokes
+50 -23

My sex life is like a Ferrari.

I don’t have a Ferrari.

Pie Charts

in General Jokes
+34 -10

Did you know that 85% of pie charts resemble Pacman?