Best Short Jokes This Year

Collection of the best funny short jokes from this year sorted by user rating.

Dwarf Friend

in General Jokes
+86 -39

My dwarf friend committed suicide recently… He jumped off a curb.


in General Jokes
+49 -11

Went to the doctors yesterday and told him that every time I drink coffee I get a stabbing pain in my right eye.

He advised me to take the spoon out of the cup.


in Dirty Jokes
+46 -11

Is “buttcheeks” one word?
Or should I spread them apart?


in Racist Jokes
+56 -22

Mexicans have been complaining recently about Trumps wall, they really need to get over it.


in Surreal Jokes
+51 -20

A recent scientific study showed that out of 2,293,618,367 people, 94% are too lazy to actually read that number.

One in Four

in Dirty Jokes
+42 -16

They say one in every four men is gay, so there must be one in my group of friends.

I hope it’s Michael – he’s super cute.