Best Short Jokes This Month

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in Relationship Jokes
+5 -6

My wife said I was rude for yawning when she was shouting at me.

I told her I wasn’t yawning, I was just trying to speak.


in Disabled Jokes
+6 -7

Someone wrote “mong” on my car windshield last night.

It took me ages to lick it off.


in Relationship Jokes
+11 -12

My young daughter asked me this morning.

“Daddy, what were you and Mummy doing in the bedroom last night, I could hear a buzzing noise, then Mummy started to scream?”

“Nothing darling,” I replied.

It was then I burst out laughing as my wife walked down the stairs with her half shaved head.

Skin Road

in Dirty Jokes
+6 -8

If I ever got the chance to name a Road, I’d call it ‘Skin Road’

Just so I could laugh at the people who live at number 4.

New Puppy

in Animal Jokes
+5 -7

Our new puppy’s been rolling around in its own shit.

That’s what I’m telling the wife anyway. Easier to explain than the fact that I ran out of toilet paper.


in General Jokes
+4 -8

Just been diagnosed with chronic fear of giants… or Feefiphobia as my doctor calls it.