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Corona Shortages

in Animal Jokes
+15 -32

Short of toilet paper? Take your sh*ts in the shower then stomp those brown nuggets down the drain.

Dead Wife

in Relationship Jokes
+9 -28

My first wife who I met in Thailand died 3 years ago today. Testicular cancer is a brutal disease.

Time Off

in General Jokes
+13 -37

Lied to my boss about having Coronavirus so I could get time off work but now my workplace has arranged for me to have a medical examination. If anyone can infect me with the real virus within the next 24 hours that would be much appreciated.

Covid 19 Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+11 -44

I think I might have just died from Covid 19 because you look like an angel.


in Racist Jokes
+8 -60

Q: How do you know if a black girl is pregnant?

A: When she pulls the tampon out the cotton is picked