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in Dirty Jokes
+3 -5

Just discovered that I’m buy-sexual.
I can’t get any sex unless I buy it.

Ugly and Poor

in Dirty Jokes
+11 -15

What do you call a guy whose ugly and poor but gets laid without paying for it?

A rapist.

So good at sleeping

in General Jokes
+11 -16

I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.


in General Jokes
+6 -13

Q. Why didn’t the lifeguard safe the hippy?
A. Because he was too far out man!!

Summer Holiday

in General Jokes
+15 -23

This is the first year I can’t have a summer holiday in the Bahamas because of Covid19. I normally can’t have a holiday in the Bahamas because I’m too poor.

Fat Lives Matter

in Political Jokes
+6 -16

Fat lives matter as well you know. Please open the Goddamn buffet!