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Black Eggs

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Did you know there is a large breed of chicken that is black and lays black eggs? Don’t believe me?

Just Google “big black cocks”.


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Just won the £500 1st prize at my local weightwatchers weigh-in this week for loosing the most weight after successfully hiding 10kg of lead fishing weights in my pockets last week.

Times A Year

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The average person has sex 85 times a year.

Looks like this is going to be one hell of a week.

British People

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British people having sex be like:

Hmm yes splended, ahh indeed. Scrumptious carry on, good heavens one is arriving.


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Just had the following conversation after going to a restaurant.

Me: Hi I’m vegan, what can I get?
Waiter: Fucked!


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What’s big and tastes like penis?

My secretary’s Christmas bonus.