Best Short Jokes This Month

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Jingle Bells Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+3 -6

Hi, is your name Jingle Bells? Because I think we could go all the way.


in Animal Jokes
+17 -20

Got a parrot the other day but it didn’t say “I’m hungry” so it died.

Time Of Year

in Relationship Jokes
+8 -13

I love this time of year. You can slam your laptop shut when your girlfriend walks into the room and you don’t get any disgusted looks.

War On Terror

in Political Jokes
+7 -16

Government recently announced it is going to expand the war on terror to theme parks by making haunted houses illegal.

Polluting the Earth

in Political Jokes
+13 -25

The level of pollution in the world today is becoming unbearable. I feel ashamed to be human. Only the other day I opened a can of sardines to find it was full of oil and all the fish were dead.


in Dirty Jokes
+9 -23

If someone enjoys committing sexual abuse is sending them to prison really a punishment?